RADDA Q&A with Andrew Haynes


New York based Creative Director, Andrew Haynes, knows a thing or two about style. Having led creative efforts for Pepsi, Bell & Ross, Vans, Bai and now as Creative Director for Cavu Venture Partners he brings a unique eye to how he approaches golf and fashion. His instagram feed has been a source of inspiration for RADDA and we wanted to learn a little more about his love for the game and hopes for its future. 



Age: 36

Handicap: 15

Home Course: Marine Park – Brooklyn NY


How did you get introduced to the game? 

AH - Years back right after college I was on a work trip and got a chance to play in a scramble. My very first drive was smoked right down the middle. I’ve been chasing that shot ever since.



Why do you play?

AH - A chance to be outside away from everything for a few hours is a necessary relief in my hectic schedule. I also love that you’re competing against yourself. Performance when it counts it the truest test of skill.



If you can change one thing about the golf experience what would it be?

AH - Access. Golf in NYC is hard to come by, especially when you’re not a member at a Club. The 5-6 hours rounds are a little nuts. I think if some private tracks around NYC had a few guest days, you’d get a decent turnout.



There’s a palpable cultural sea-change happening in golf. What does it mean to you to be a golfer?


AH - It’s exciting to see more and more people from different backgrounds falling in love with the game. That means the stereotypes of the past will soon be broken.



Golf offers such a diverse spectrum of experiences. What are you most drawn to when you’re deciding where to play 18? 


AH - I’m the most drawn to courses that balance difficulty with enjoyment. I don’t mind a challenging hole but a bailout here or there is always nice to have.



Golf fashion is changing drastically. What are you excited to see develop in golf fashion? 

AH - I’m really excited about the “hybrid” approaches that are emerging. I’ll wear jeans on  Monday, cargo pants on Tuesday and a suit on Wednesday. It’s all about finding various ways to express yourself.



We believe fashion helps evolve culture. In golf, the trends are showing a more youthful and trend driven approach to style. What does a modern golf culture look like to you?

AH - Color, contemporary graphics and modern cuts are leading the way. For me it’s about golf gear that is grounded in the basic principles. Then adds a little something to make it unique.



Shirt tucked or untucked?
Depends on the vibe of the place I’m at. But I do love a tuck.

Country Club or Muni?

Walk or cart?

I’m walking unless they say I can’t.
Keep the pin in or pull it?

Nothing beats the sound of a ball falling in the cup. Pull it.
Music in the cart or silence?

I like music but love silence. Nature is my soundtrack. 

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